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Kamis, 22 Oktober 2015

How to get My Website/Blog Recognized By Google

How to get My Website/Blog Recognized By Google - do you know that every day there are new gadgets that are created with new advantages to simplify your life, on the blog Computers News we will discuss about the latest gadgets and gadgets that have long ranging from speck and price, now we will discuss about How to get My Website/Blog Recognized By Google we have collected a lot of news to make this article to be really useful for you, please see.

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How to get My Website/Blog Recognized By Google

If you create a new wensite/blog, and head over to google and type it on the google search bar, it will return you with the following results.

Your search for example.blogspot.com - did not match any documents.


- Make sure all words are spelled correctly

- Try different keywords

- Try more general keywords

If you type ''how to get my website/blog recognized by google'' on that same search bar, you are going to fine results.

The results are going to indicate to you the number of monthly search.

And you will fine articles explaining that key phrase.

The reason your blog/website didn't show any result is that it has not been detected by google bots.

Google bots detect your blog/website based on links it founds on other sites.

It pays attention to where your blog/website is found according to the sites rank and if its an edu or a gov page.

There is a very huge topic on the internet known as seo (search engine optimization) claiming to teach people how google rank sites.

Most of them will require to you to enrol for a course or buy a book.

Don't waste your money, getting your blog/website recognized by google is something people have to share for free.

They are taking advantage of the number of people that create websites/blogs each day.

They will frustrate and confuse you.

What you are reading today for free is what you will fine in any so called seo course or book.

I have been blogging for 4 years so I know what I'm talking about.

Google is the biggest search engine on the internet.

It has arranged its logarithms from 2003 when it started penalizing sites with the panda and penguin update.

Sites practicing what is known as dark seo.

It has restricted buying of links and recently even guest post.

What people do on google is search for keywords say ''seo,'' ''internet traffic,'' ''blog/website traffic''

Or key phrases ''how do I get my blog/website recognized by google,'' ''how to make people visit my new blog/website,'' ''how to get internet/blog traffic.''

These are known in general as long and short tail keywords.

Google is going to provide information to these long or short tail keywords according to relevance.

This is going to depend on the ranking of the site.

Google rank sites from a scale of 1 - 10.

By now you must have got a clue on how to get your Blog/website recognized by google.

If not yet you will have to create what is known as backlinks.

Now how do you create backlinks?

- Place the url of your blog/website on your social media profiles.

- Visit websites/blogs on your niche (what you are writing about is known as your niche) comment on their articles leaving a link back to your blog/website.

- Write articles and submit them to article directories.

- Put your blog/website on your forum signature.

- Submit videos to video directories leaving a link back to your website/blog.

Make sure any where you drop your link must already have a high google ranking.

You can know a site google's rank by searching for the key phrase ''google rank checker''

Don't try to create backlinks too quick since you will get penalized by google.

Your ability to make the most out of your ranking lies in your ability to come out with unique keywords.

4 years of bloging experience has shown me that people like personalized key phrases like

- how to get my website/blog recognized by google

- how to make people visit my new blog/website

- how to get my ex boyfriend/girlfriend back.

It is wise to get these personalized key phrases on each niche you want to write about.

The internet is a wild world, people are going to sell trash to you, people are going to trick you to get your money (internet scam)

Still there are people on the internet that want to give you the right information.

- They don't want your money.

- They don't want to brain watch you.

How do you know such people?

- They give you want they know from experience.

- They don't ask you to buy any thing.

- They want you to have results.

This information I give out for free now is something I use to buy 4 years ago.

That was just a little right out of topic so lets get back on topic.

How do I get my blog/website recognized by google?

Google has the potential to drive a crazy amount of traffic to your newly created website/blog but you have to know how to play with google.

Google is now looking for articles that people love.

How does google know an article is loved by the people

From the amount of social shares on facebook, twitter, google+... and the amount of comments.

If you search for a personalized keyword say ''how to get my blog/website recognized by google,'' you are going to fine out that most of the results are out dated or poorly written.

Write new up to date articles on these topics in a conversational tone and watch the magic happen.

Most seo experts will tell you to do keyword research.

Some will even ask you to pay for them to do keyword research for you or pay to get softwares to do keyword research for you.

Don't waste your money.

If you are writing about something, you are looking for people that think like you are have your point of view about that topic.

What you want to do is come out with your own keywords (long and short tail keywords about the topic you want to write about)

Do some google search of them.

See which ones have outdated information.

Update them.

See which ones are poorly written.

Write a well detailed information about them.

This is an article to get your newly created blog/website not only recognized by google but get some free internet traffic from google.

If you stay long enough in the blogging/website field, you are going to fine out that people are making extra income and even full time income blogging.

That is no magic.

They got people to visit their blog/website, gained their trust and make them to like them.

Then they either sell their personal products to these people or go into affiliate marketing where they get products from amazon, clickbank and earn a commission if someone ends up buying that product from a special link they are given by these sites.

Google also offers an affiliate program known as adsense.

Your focus when you just create a new website/blog should be to get people to start visiting that website/blog and gain their trust.

Then you will be able to make some money in the long run.

So if you searched for the keyword ''how to get my website/blog recognised by google'' then you should know you found a 3 time sum.

- how to get my website/blog recognized by google

- how to get people visit my new blog/website

- how to make money from my new blog/website

All that for free.

I should get atleast  a thank you in the comment section.

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